Hearing Aids

After your audiological evaluation, our audiologists will provide a counseling session to obtain your lifestyle information and hearing aid expectations to guide them and you in making an appropriate decision for selecting hearing aid amplification style, size and features. Our audiologists have knowledge of a wide variety of the latest hearing aid technologies and styles to assist you with your decision. Speech Mapping or other Real Ear Verification for the hearing aids is performed.

  • The degree of the hearing loss (power requirements)
  • Manual dexterity & visual abilities
  • Patient budget
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin sensitivities
  • Anatomical/medical considerations

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Thanks to modern technology, an innovative spirit, the highest quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously bring you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs.

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No two people have exactly the same type of hearing loss. Small, comfortable and powerful, our hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of digital technology that can be tuned to suit your unique hearing needs.


When we design our hearing instruments, we view every detail through the lens of the patient. Then we bundle in industry-first technologies, so patients get a highly satisfying listening experience.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than the hearing aids we produce. We are in the business of connecting people and changing lives. We believe being able to hear the world and the people around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing.

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The WIDEX UNIQUETM hearing aid pushes back the barriers of what you can hear with a hearing aid. Louder and softer sounds. More conversation. In fact, all the important sound details around you.